Thursday, January 20, 2011

Training Week 1/17-1/23

M- 6.0 up and down Black Cap via Hurricane Mt. Rd. on snowshoes 1:02:23, 36:47 to the summit, nice run under a close to full moon. 5x80m strides after, 1700 ft gain.

Tu- 4.1 miles at Settlers Green with Roger in the snow. No motivation to go any further or do a workout.

W- 9.8 miles of skiing on the Pemi East Side Trail in the Pemi Wilderness in 3:44:38. Broke a lot of trail (10 inches of fresh snow) and made it to the Cedar Brook Trail junction. Was originally planning on skiing for two hours and snowshoe running for two hours, but I was having fun skiing.

Th- 0 This means I'll have a sub 1:10 at New Bedford for sure.

F- AM: 4.6 in 51:41 on the snowmobile trails with Paul, Dave and Laura
PM: 2 hours (hiking) marking the WW course

Sa- Whitaker Woods Snowshoe Scramble 3rd place 28:08, 1:15 behind Double J. Directing a race and running it at the same time is not an easy thing to do. But I couldn't pass up the opportunity to race a fun course. The lack of a warm-up definitely hurt me, but Jim was gone on the fast groomed trails. There were some issues with the course markings, which I will address next year. Overall, I think everyone had a good time, especially the TNT crew at the Moat after! Thanks to everyone who raced and volunteered. looking forward to doing it again next year.

Panorama from Mt. Shaw

Su- 28.2 miles in 4:38:32 (9:53 pace) on the Corridor 15 snowmobile trail in the Ossipee Mountains. Somewhere between 4600-6000 ft of elevation gain (see profile of second half of out and back). This was a pretty cool run that I've thought about doing for a while. It's the long way up 2,990' Mt. Shaw. I was hoping to make it to the Castle in the Clouds, but I hit my turnround time about 2 miles early. Hopefully I can try it again another day.

Totals: 46.9 miles, 11.5 hours, 6700 feet gain


  1. Kevin, very cool vid! Still didn't see any animals in it though...

  2. You should recognize that. That was from the last 5 miles of our run through the Pemi this summer. And there was a white elephant in that video.

  3. you mean a bare-ass guerrilla?