Friday, February 19, 2010

Better Late Than Never

M- 5.0 38:15 Benlor & Back felt ok, a little stiff, 10x80m strides after
Tu- 6 x 0.8 miles @ Settlers Green, 5.0 wu, 4:31 4:25 4:22 4:20 4:23 4:18, 0.8 cd, really good workout, felt good
W- 0 left work early, head cold
Th- 0 worked all day but didn't feel any better
F- 6.0 51:21 Corridor 19 from Wal-Mart, felt ok, ran easy w/ Paul, felt much better than last 2 days
Sa- 9.7 miles tempo 1:01:20 (6:19 pace) on Corridor 19 from Wal-Mart, hilly, slushy and icy, used screw shoes, shooting for 6:00 pace effort, solid workout
Su- AM: 2:15 classic ski w/ Jess PM: 14.6 miles 1:42:57 (7:03 pace) Stark Rd. Eidelweiss Loop, hilly, started about 1 hour after skiing

Totals: 49 miles, 8.4 hours. Pretty good week considering I took two days off. It think it was good to kick the cold though. No remnants of it left.

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Glimpse of Things to Come?

M- 6.0 miles 48:37 snowmobile trails/RR Tracks w/ Paul, felt good, 10x60m strides after
Tu- 4.0 mi wu w/ Roger on roads, then 7x2:15 hill repeats on snowshoes in Whitaker Woods, did not feel good, but gutted it out, 8 total
W- 6.0 miles behind Wal-Mart w/ Paul 49:37, felt good, surprisingly quick, ballistic exercises after
Th- 4.5 wu w/ Roger, 6x0.8 miles @ Settlers Green, 4:32 4:32 4:26 4:26 4:23 4:26, 0.8 cd Very good workout, this workout seems to be getting quicker without any extra effort
F- 6.0 miles behind Wal-Mart w/ Paul 48:06, a little faster than easy, but not bad
Sa- 5.2 miles @ 5:41 pace (29:31), then up Hurricane Mt. Rd. to the summit of Black Cap (3.0 mi) in 26:41 (8:53 pace, 10% grade). Very happy with this workout. Was hoping for 6's on the roads and 10's on the climb. 3.0 down Black Cap for cooldown
Su- Hurricane Mt. Rd. to Black Cap to Peaked to Cranmore 14.8 miles 2:42:14, 3,000+ ft of elevation gain, tired but good tired.

Totals: 63.5 miles, 9.0 hours. Around 5,000 ft of climbing. That is probably what I would call a perfect week for me. Good amount of quality, decent volume, and all of the little things. I plan on going super easy today, as I'm a little tired form Sa & Su. I'm doing an interview w/ Channel 5 out of Boston tommorow about snowshoe and mountain racing. Should be fun.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Training Week 1/25-1/31

M- 0 pretty tired, right quad has a good knot in it

Tu- 0 massage in the AM and left work early, pretty tired again

W- 7.0 miles roads w/ Paul 56:17, felt ok, still pretty flat

Th- 4.5 mile wu w/ Roger 45:11, then 29:31 4.8 mile fartlek (6:09 pace) around Settlers Green. Felt much better on this workout. Light coating of snow on the roads.

F- 4.6 mi 38:48 w/ Paul on snowmobile trails, felt good, really cold and windy

Sa- Sandwich Sidehiller Snowshoe Race 5.2 miles 31:08, 1st place. Really good race. Lead from the gun. Had Josh Ferenc on my shoulder for the first two laps, then I was able to open a little gap at the beginning of the 3rd lap, and I held on to the end. Felt really strong and fast. I did not know you could run 6 min pace on snowshoes. Wu/cd 3.4 mi Lap Splits: 10:10 10:20 10:38

Su- 16 easy on snowmobile trails, did first 10 miles with Paul then tacked on another 6 behind Wal-Mart. Tired, but a good run.

Totals: 45.5 miles, 6.16 hours. I am pretty psyched with how the race went. I set the pace and had some fast guys with me, and I just ran away from them. The course was really flat and fast (not my strong suits) and I ran away from Josh and Jim Johnson (who had 4 infected wisdom teeth) who are very good on that type of terrain. It is only one race, but I think it is a sign of things to come. The week wasn’t very impressive, but I think I needed a little rest after 4 very good weeks of training. Last year a 45 mile week with a fartlek, a good race and a long run would have been a good week. Looking forward to getting back at it this week.