Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Training Week 11/28-12/4

Holy shit, it's a blog post!

M- 0 sick day

Tu- 3.6 mi w/ Roger, 5 strides after

W- 3.6 mi up & down Hurricane Mtn. Rd., 17:00 up, 9:27 pace, drills after

Th- 4.0 wu w/ Roger, then 36 mins (5.6 miles) of 3:00 on, 3:00 off. Averaged 6:27 pace. Nothing spectacular, just busting the rust.

F- 2.0 miles, Lunge Matrix Routine minus the front lunge with a twist. Only had time for this before heading to a work conference in Concord all day.

Sa- Big fat 0. Walked 4 miles with Jess in the woods in the afternoon.

Su- 8 mile tempo on Cherry Mtn. Rd. in Crawford Notch in 53:00 (6:38 pace), doesn't sound that impressive, but it had 800' of elevation gain and 800' of descent. 1.7 mi wu / 1.7 mi cd

Totals: 30.2 miles, 4.03 hours. Nothing spectacular, but it's a start. In the coming weeks and months there will be more of an emphasis on workouts, drills, and strides, and less on long runs and overall mileage. My goal is to get into a good routine of doing the "extras" and slowly adding miles to my easy runs, and possibly some doubles as the winter goes on. I'm really looking forward to some snow.