Monday, January 2, 2012

Training Week 12/26-1/1

M- 7.0 miles up and down Black Cap via Red Tail Trail, +/-1:20:00. 43:45 to the summit. 8 uphill strides after. Made this video:

Tu- AM: 7.2 miles in 1:38:27 from Wal-Mart to Peaked and back with Tim and Peter, summit in 49:41
PM: 4.0 miles in 38:45 on a snow-covered Town Hall Rd. with Mike Lansing

W- AM: 3.2 miles in Whitaker Woods in 27:58. Slushy.
PM: 3.6 miles in 36:34 with Roger around North Conway. Roads were a little icy. May be the world's shortest double.

Th- AM: 5.1 miles on Wal-Mart singletrack with Tim, Peter and Nick Jenis in 57:23. Trails covered in crunchy snow, but still runnable.
PM: Kanc Hillclimb 4.55 miles, 33:19 up (7:19 pace). Not a great workout, but the road was slick and it was super windy. effort was there. Jogged down to start. 9 total in 1:10:08
PM PM: Pulled a Dave Dunham and got in my first-ever triple (excluding track meets) with 4 miles with Roger in 39:10. Borderline bonking the last 2 miles.

F- Only one run today. 6.7 miles in 1:39:51 over Rattlesnake and Middle Mountains with Tim. I wish I brought my camera. We caught an awesome sunrise just as we summited Middle. We came down the regular trail on Middle for a while until it got really icy, then jumped the stream bank and found the old bridal path and ran that down. The old bridal path is better than the hiking trail! Squat routine after.

Sa- 4.25 mile tempo on the Norwood, MA high school track in 24:04 (5:40 pace). I was hoping for something a little quicker, but never really loosened up until the last mile and a half. 2.0 wu, no cd. Dills and strides before workout.

Su- Boston Marathon New Year's Run 26.2 miles in 3:16:44 (7:30 pace). The run started in Hopkinton at 6AM and followed the course to the finish line on Boylston St. It was a lot of fun running with new people and getting to run such an historic course on a quiet morning. The roads were a little icy in spots, but no one wiped out, so it wasn't bad. I ran with Reno Stirrat for the first 10 miles or so and it was cool talking with him about his great races and training over the years. I was able to run with Blaine Moore for a couple of miles and catch up on his year since I last saw him at Bradbury. It was a lot of fun running the later miles with Jason Bui, Jim Garcia, Jesse Hugo and the initiator of the lunacy Gary Allen. Gary picked up the pace in the last couple of miles and made cruising into the finish a little more interesting. I wouldn't recommend running a marathon on 4 hours of sleep, but it was a fun experience nonetheless.

Totals: 82.25 miles, 13.10 hours, +/-4500 ft gain. Pretty awesome week. I had a pretty flexible schedule at work, and had Monday and Thursday off. It was still good to get up early and get some runs in with Tim though. It made getting up at 5AM on Sunday a lot easier. I would have liked to have done one more workout(45 min fartlek), but it was nice to get in some runs with a lot of different people. Training doesn't seem like work when you're having that much fun with so many different people.