Sunday, January 9, 2011

Moving Forward

Below is an example of how NOT to spend two weeks training if you have any type of goals. My training log looks like a yo-yo right now.


M-AM: 3.5 snow roads with Matt Lunt and Mike Lansing 32:45, nice to finally have some snow!
PM: 4.8 on snowshoes in the backyard (160 acres of condo common land and neighbors' woods lots) 53:40
most of the trails had been tracked out. I don't run out here enough. I need to work on some making loops though as most of the trails dead end at neighbors houses. I tried out the new heart rate monitor that Jess got me for Christmas. Interesting watching the heart rate spike on the 3 strides I did near the end!

Tu-AM: 11.4 miles on snowshoes, 3.6 wu then 1:02:50 for a 7.8 mile tempo on the Whitaker Woods snowshoe course. HR between 160 and 180 for the whole tempo while running 8:03 pace!
PM: 5.0 easy at Settlers Green with Roger, 54:02

W- 3.9 on snowshoes in 45:00 with Jim Mitchell, including some running on the Cathedral Ledge Rd.

Th- 3.2 at Settlers Green with Roger, felt like JUNK, cut it short

F- 0 long day of field work on Foss Mt., then headed to Portland for New Years Eve with Jess.

Sa- 0 stayed out late, but didn't drink and felt like death all day

Su- 0 spent the day on the couch, not sick but not feeling up for anything

Totals: 31.8 miles, 5.24 hours


M- 10.0 on Bretton Woods snowmobile trails in 1:23:50 using the Inov8 Oroc 280s, hamstrings a little tight, 10x80m strides on pavement after, 1000 ft gain

Tu-AM: 10.6 miles in 1:14:04, first 2.4 miles wu, then fartlek for 8.2 miles at 6:36 pace. Doesn't sound impressive, but this was at 6AM over a course that included 660 feet of elevation gain!
PM: 3.6 miles easy with Roger in North Conway

W- 0 felt a head cold coming on, decided to play is safe and take a 0

Th- 5.0 easy with Roger at Settlers Green in 50:32, throat felt better, for a day.

F- 0 another cruddy day in the cold department

Sa- 0 pissy mood with this head cold

Su- AM: 6.1 with Paul from his house. I love running on crusty/icy/snow/leafy mixed trails
PM: 1:48 classic skiing with Jess at Bretton Woods

Totals: 35.3 miles, 7.0 hours

Now that I have that out of my system, goals for 2011: have fun, run well in some mountain races (i.e. finish Mt. Washington, top 10 at Cranmore), run first ultra at White River 50 miler in July and try to have a more positive outlook about running. Right now I'm not setting any time or place goals for my big races. I've done a great job the last couple of years of getting in good shape before my races and tanking once they come, leaving me disappointed and unsatisfied with my running and life afterward. My running and my life are a little different than they were 5+ years ago when I graduated from college. I have already accomplished a lot of things that I never would have dreamed of by my 29th birthday (Jan 7th). I'm married to a beautiful, smart woman who also has the patience to put up with me, a pretty good career that challenges me intellectually and physically and gives me the financial freedom to do all the fun things in life without worrying where my next meal is coming from. I also have a great family that has supported me in whatever I have done. There is definitely a hole there since my Dad passed away this summer, but I was lucky to spend 28+ years of my life with him, even if we didn't always get along. My Dad always supported me in my running or skiing, or any other endeavor I decided to pursue. He was always there when I needed a little encouragement to get me through the tough times.

I hope to remember him by raising money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association by trying to run 3000 miles this year. If anyone is interested in pledging a penny a mile, that's a $30 donation. I know some of my friends have already pledged and I greatly appreciate it. I'm already behind on my goal a week into the year, but I'm dedicated to doing this.

2010 totals: 2337.50 miles, 374.77 hours (6.4 miles per day, 62 minutes per day)


  1. Believe you me, I can relate to the yo-yo.

  2. I'd like to point out that while reading this....those '0's are really '10's and the 3's are really 8's. Don't believe the hype folks...Tilton is fit and ready for Sidehiller. Since no one can officially vouch for him, I'd say it's safe to say he's telling some tall tales with this training...just wait until I get up there permanently! I'm going to run you into the ground during the week with road miles.

  3. GZ, I've been that way for the last 6 months, but with a lot less consistency than you. It's pretty amazing how you get out the door every day.

    JJ, I'll take all the road miles I can get as long as I have someone to run them with. You feeling any better? Nice job at Turner Trail.

  4. sounds like we're following similar training programs,minus the s'shoeing. We have 2" of powder over ice. Yea I want to snowshoe in that. Can't move to Stark Rd. soon enough.
    How do you like the O-280's?
    Enough snow for the Whittaker Woods race? I'm looking forward to it.
    Enjoy the winter and run for fun.

  5. Paul, I like the 280's so far. They aren't great on steep downhill ice, but then again, what is? WW is pretty bare in the open at the moment, but I haven't checked the woods. Hopefully we'll get a little something on Wednesday. It tends to hold the snow pretty well, and the trails are pretty clear of rocks. Should be a fun course.