Monday, January 10, 2011

Training Week 1/10-1/16

M- 15 minutes on the stationary bike. Lungs and throat still not feeling up to running outside, so I thought I'd try the bike. What a mind numbing piece of equipment that is.

Tu- 3.3 miles with Roger at Settlers Green. Must have walked 3 miles up and down a small mountain at work today.

W- 3.9 miles in 58:27 on snowshoes going up Rattlesnake Mt. in 8-10" of fresh powder. I love snowshoe running. Lungs feeling a little better. 400 ft gain

Th- AM: 4.0 miles up Rattlesnake again in 54:40. Made it 0.2 miles farther up, but the run took 4 minutes less after packing down the deep snow. 600 ft gain
PM: 2.0 in 28:24 with Roger at Whitaker Woods. This was Roger's first snowshoe run!

F- 5.4 miles up and down Rattlesnake in 1:18:04. I made it to the summit this time! (45:13). Thanks to Tim Livingston who packed out the rest of it on a hike yesterday. 3 strides on groomed trails near end. 1200 ft gain

Sa- Feel Good Farm Snowshoe Race, 2nd by 9 seconds (38:04) to Josh Ferenc. We battled back and forth with me leading the ups and him the downs. He caught me with about 1/4 mile to go and I had no response. I am in good climbing shape, but need to get stronger. Only 45 seconds slower than last year on a slightly longer course in much slower conditions. 2.0 wu, 2.3 cd, 1200 ft gain

Su AM: 12.1 miles on the snowmobile trails around Silver Lake in 2:12 with Paul. It felt good to get out on the groomed trails again. We were planning on a 6 mile / 60 min out and back, but were having too much fun to turn around. I was planning on 3 hours, but knew I still had skiing ahead of me.
PM: 1:51 of classic skiing at Jackson w/ Jess. Nice and easy.

Totals: 39.0 miles, 9.8 hours, 3400 ft gain. Glad to finally get the volume up. Not a lot of miles, but snowshoeing is slow and takes some time to cover the distance. It was a little risky racing on Saturday after fighting the head cold and not doing any workouts in over a week, but glad I did it. This week I need to concentrate on getting out every day and getting the workouts in. I'm looking forward to hotsing (and hopefully racing) the snowshoe race at Whitaker Woods this coming Saturday.


  1. so who's running w/ Roger tonight then?

  2. 60 on my bike tonight baby! Ipod to the rescue.

  3. JJ, Tu and Th are Roger runs.

    MQ, you are sick.