Sunday, May 16, 2010

7300 ft of Climbing = 10k PR

Crusing along in the 10k, Photo by Mark LaRosa

M- 8.2 Rattlesnake & Middle Mountains 1:28:20, felt good, left hamstring a little tight, 8x80m strides after, 1400 ft gain

Tu- Cathedral Ledge Rd. hill repeats, 3.1 wu at WW, then 3:00 up 4:00 up 5:00 up, then 6:52 to the top (0.9 miles, 7:38 pace, ~11% grade), kept the rest intervals on the downhill the same as the repeat times. Really good workout. 1200 ft gain, 7.9 total

W- 6.9 Black Cap via Kettle Ridge, down Red Tail 1:13:31, 42:11 to summit, felt good, ran easy

Th- 2x(5x400m), 100m/40sec recovery, 400m/2:40 between sets. 72 71 72 74 72 72 71 65. Solid workout. Was originally going to do the mile repeats, but switched it up when I decided I was going to do the 10,000 at the New Balance Boston Twilight Meet on Saturday. 2.0 wu, 1.0 cd

F- 5.0 Puddin Pond Singletrack 46:23, ran easy w/ Paul, felt pretty good, 5x80m strides after

Nate yelling at me to get my ass in gear, Photo by Mark LaRosa

Sa- New Balance Boston Twilight 10,000m 31:58, 4th place, 8 sec PR. Pretty good race. Went in hoping to run 75 sec laps until I couldn't handle it anymore. Found 75's weren't comfortable from the start, but just tried to gut it out. I never really felt good or confident of even finishing most of the race. I seriously considered dropping out before 5k. Felt like I got into a little bit of a groove after 4 miles, and after 8k I knew I could finish. The second half wasn't pretty, but 5:10s is a lot better than 5:20's like I would usually blow up to. Big thanks to Nate Jenkins for pulling me along and encouraging me. Middle of the packers like me don't get that on the track very often. Also a big congrats to Dan Hocking on the W and a sub 30 in his track 10k debut. Dan wasn't able to run for 6 years as a result of a knee injury, but was able to start training last year and has been on fire ever since.

Su- 14.0 Green Hills from home 2:25:46, felt pretty good. Just got in a rhythm and went. 3000 ft gain

Totals: 59 miles, 8.9 hours, 7300 ft gain. Pretty solid week again. Good amount of climbing, faster track work, and a PR to boot. I would have liked to have run faster on the track, but I just never felt in a rhythm all race. The time is slightly faster than what I ran at Market Square Day in '06 (before I went off course at the 6 mile mark) and I was in really good shape for Mt. Washington that year. I feel like the specific climbing fitness is there or can be tweaked slightly and I should have the tools when I have to reach deep.


  1. Great to see you PR in the 10k. Its always a challenging race but you hung in there to the end. I really am curious how far Jenkins pulled you through. He ran about 3 races while I was there. You couldn't miss him with his orange spikes.

  2. Hi Kevin. If I remember correctly I read last year that you ran a trail to the top of Mt. Washington in under an hour, right? I'm heading that way in June and might have the chance to get up MW? What trail do you recommend? Thanks!

  3. DQ, thanks for cheering me on. Nate dragged me around the track all 25 laps. It was a big help.

    Thanks GZ. And thanks for the support on your blog! Top 6 would be really nice.

    Rick, I went sub-60 last year on the Tuckerman Ravine Trail, the classic route up the mountain. It may still be closed in June though, depending on how the snow is melting off the headwall. If it's closed, the Lion Head Trail is a great option. Ammonoosuc Ravine and the Jewell Trail from the west side are nice too. E-mail me at ktilton at hebcivil dot com if you have any other questions. Have fun!