Sunday, January 3, 2010

Go Big or Go Home

M- Old Westside & Moat Lane 9.3 mi 1:04:13 (6:54 pace), felt good, easy run, 10x50m strides after
Tu-AM: Old Bartlett Crown Ridge 5.6 mi 42:53 (7:39 pace), felt ok, very windy, ran w/ Joe Shairs
PM: Settlers Green 3.0 mi 28:27 (9:29 pace), still cold and windy, ran w/ Roger
W-AM: Office to Falcon Way & Back 6.5 mi 50:17 (7:44 pace), felt good, not as windy as yesterday, ran w/ Joe Shairs, drills and exercises after
PM: classical skiing on the Ellis River Trail w/ Jess, 1:20:00 skied easy, quads and abs sore from exercises!
Th-AM: Wal-Mart Corridor 19 Trail 6.0 mi 46:46 (7:48 pace), felt good, still sore from exercises, ran 3.0 mi out w/ Paul for warm-up then did a fartlek on the way back in 19:31 (6:30 pace). Trail was well packed snow/ice. Made for fast running. Used MudClaw O+ spiked shoes.
PM: North Conway Short Loop 3.6 mi 36:23 (10:06 pace), slushy, ran easy with Roger
F-Corridor 19-->Hurricane & Back 10.4 mi 1:40:55 (9:42 pace), felt ok, a little tired, packed snowmobile trail with loose stuff on top, left hip a little sore, 10x20 hills near end, ran w/ Paul
Sa-Wal-Mart to E. Conway Powerline Jct. 12.0 mi 1:40:16 (8:21 pace), felt good, used snowshoes on the snowmobile trails, 2.3 mi w/u in 20:49, then did a 9.7 mile tempo in 1:19:27 (8:11 pace)
Su-Hurricane Mt. Rd.-->Black Cap-->Peaked Mt. 12.0 mi 2:48:35 ( 14:03 pace) 3000+' of elevation gain, felt good until second climb up Black Cap, bonked big time, snow was loose on this climb, but good run overall.

Totals: 68.4 miles, 12.0 hours. Pretty happy with the week considering its the best I've had in a long while in terms of volume and quality. Left hip was a little sore near the end of the week, but it's probably from the addition of running in the snow. It felt better today though. The paces on the snowshoe / snowmobile trail runs probably don't mean much because of varying conditions, but I was very happy with the fartlek, especially considering it's the first hard effort I've had since Bay State. I fell off near the end of the tempo, but not too bad. 8:11 pace is not too bad though for an effort that long on snowshoes, even if it is groomed. I used the same trail for both of those. It's a rolling hilly trail that I've always wanted to run hard but have usually just used for easy miles. I think I'd like to keep using this trail as a benchmark for these workouts. This week I had the luxury of some reduced hours at work, so the volume won't be as high next week, but I will make sure I get all of the quality in. Also, I may cut the long run down to the 2:00-2:15 range until I get used to the volume and intensity, but I want to keep the climbs in it.

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