Sunday, March 24, 2013

Training Week 3/18-3/24

M- AM: 3.0 miles in 27:38 on the Saco Woods trails. Picked a great day to get back into morning runs. 7 degrees out. Brrr.
PM: 8.2 miles in 1:16:35 on the Freedom Town Forest Trails and Bald Ledge singletrack w/ Double J. Good day for MicroSpikes. 5 short strides after.

Tu- AM: 3.1 miles in 29:35 in Saco Woods and Stritch Rd. Trails were pretty slick with new snow over ice.
PM: 7.0 miles in 1:19:25 on Madison trails and roads in snowshoes with Double J. Broke trail for most of the run. DEEP snow.

W- AM: 3.2 miles in 26:44 on Stritch Rd.
PM: 8.6 miles in 1:04:15 on the Chocorua roads and snowmobile trails. Great run for the Oroc 280's. 5 strides after.

Th- AM: 3.3 miles in 24:55 on Stritch Rd. Did half an Aussie Quarters workout on the way back (1.5 miles in 9:30). 56 90 57 96 52 84 51 84. Ideally the 200's would be 45-50 seconds and the 400's would be 70-75. But that would be on a track and not on an icy dirt road. Just ran by feel.
PM: 8.7 miles in 57:41 on the Stark Rd. Loop w/ Double J. Ran steady. Jim blew my doors off in the last 2 miles. What's new. Tried one stride after, but my lower back was super stiff. Spending some time on the foam roller has helped.

F- AM: 2.0 miles in 16:51 on Stritch Rd. Had to be to work early so I only had time for 2 miles. 2 >0.
PM: 4.3 miles in 32:16 on Madison roads w/ Jim. Long day of field work and I was feeling it. Almost bonked. Hip/back was pretty sore too, so I called it short.

Sa- 10.9 miles in 1:16:07 on Potter Rd. (dirt, 6:59 pace). Ran a 30 second pick-up after every mile for the whole run to get some type of turnover. Solid run.

Su- 16.0 miles on the Kanc in 1:51:00 (6:56 pace). Solid run, but I ran out of gas the last 3 miles. Great day to be out though. Hip was ok.

Totals: 78.3 miles, 10.38 hours. Good week. Feels good to get back into a solid routine. My number one goal for the week was to get in a run every week day morning. I find it easier to get in 80 miles in a week than 50 if I know I have to do 2 runs every weekday to do it. The runs weren't too hard to fit in this week either. The "workouts" weren't pretty, but I was just looking for a way to get moving a little without overdoing it while I jacked up the mileage. Just gotta stay consistent. 12 weeks until Mt. Washington.

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