Sunday, March 17, 2013

Training Week 3/11-3/17: Gotta Start Somewhere

Finishing up at the Granite State Snowshoe Championships last Saturday, photo by Joe Viger

Time to start blogging and time to start training again. After having the flu I've managed to average about 50 miles a week for the previous 3 weeks. I didn't do any workouts, but managed to race at Snowshoe to the Clouds and the Granite State Snowshoe Championships, managing to get 2nd in both races. Now that I have some consistency under my belt, it's time to start thinking about ramping up for Mt. Washington.

M- 4.6 miles, 44:29 Moat Mtn. Trail snowshoe run w/ Double J. Was hoping to do a 10 mile loop over North Moat, but I wasn't feeling it. Just flat.

Tu- 0 I got as far as changing into my running clothes at work, but couldn't make myself go out the door. Lame.

W- 0 10+ hours of field work. Exhausted.

Th- 11.7 miles, 1:29:58 Madison to Maine road run w/ Double J. Holy hills Batman. Didn't feel great but I was happy to finally get a solid run in.

F- 6.0 miles, 1:02:23 Black Cap via Hurricane Mtn. Rd. Felt good to get out for a nice easy climb. Snowmobile trails were perfect for MicroSpikes. 35:19 up

Sa- 9.6 miles 1:41:22 Mineral Site snowshoe run. Felt better the longer I went. Got a little off track trying to follow the Tent Boulder Trail in the hemlock groves. Doesn't look like anyone has been out there all winter. Nice crust so you could run anywhere. Massage from Jean Brauel in the morning to work on my lower back/hip/glute.

Su- 8.4 miles total. 4 x Mile @ Half marathon effort, 3:00 recovery. 6:04 6:03 6:05 6:11. Not pretty, but I gotta start somewhere. Snowshoed 2 hours at Rob Brook w/ Jess after.

Totals: 40.3 miles, 5.99 hours. Good end to the week after a lazy start. I think I was a little worn out from the Granite State Snowshoe Championships last Saturday. 13 weeks until Mt. Washington.

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  1. Kev: Love that LVL logo on your blog. I just put up your info on our blog network. Thanks for sharing. Hope to catch up w/ you for a run sometime soon.