Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Training Week 4/2-4/8

M- AM: 5.3 miles in 1:02:45 with Tim and Double J on the Wal-Mart singletrack. 6 strides after.

PM: 5.2 miles in 52:35 with Roger on the Experimental Forest roads. A little cooler in Bartlett than in Conway.

Tu- AM: 6.0 miles in 1:04:31 on singletrack and Corridor 19 with Tim, Double J and Sarah. Nice and easy. 4 strides after.

PM: 6 x mile at half marathon effort, 3:00/400m recovery 5:08 5:13 5:11 5:09 5:11 5:15 (5:11 average) Good workout. Not very smooth as I ate junk at lunch and took advantage of Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day mid-afternoon. Did this workout with Double J which was a big help. I would lead the first two laps of each repeat, and he would take the second two. I had a hard time keeping up with him, but I just tried to stay smooth. On the last three, Jim led the first two laps and I pulled us to the finish. My stomach got the best of me on the last couple, but I made it. Jim got a bad calf cramp on the last one, so I ended up leading the whole thing.

2.5 wu + drills & strides, no cd

W- AM: 3.0 miles in 31:26 on Corridor 19. SLOW and sore. Good head cold going too.

PM: 3.3 miles up Mt. Willard in 1:38:18 w/ Roger. Combo run/bushwhack. We were hunting for the elusive tri-county marker on the side of Willard, but had no luck finding it. Great view on that little summit though.

Roger on Mt. Willard

Th- 8.6 miles in 2:06:57 on Carter Ledge and Middle Sister with Double J. Lots of climbing to redline some trails on the side of Chocorua. Windy and cold up high, but some cool views.

Jim on Carter Ledge

F- 7.8 miles in 1:09:05 on the Lower Nanamacomuck w/ Double J. I was hoping to do a workout today, but I'm still pretty stuffed up, so I figured I'd push it to tomorrow. Lunge routine after.

Sa- 0 Real life took precedent as we did some spring cleaning to get rid of a bunch of stuff that has accumulated in our condo over the years. Probably need the rest.

Su- 0 again. I really had no motivation to go for a run. Head cold is mostly gone, but still lingering at the end of the day. The last two nights I got 9.5 hours of sleep each night, which is a sign that I need some rest, as I rarely sleep that much. Got out for a nice 5 mile walk at Rob Brook with Jess though.

Totals: 49.0 miles, 9.52 hours. OK week until the weekend. The rest is probably needed though and I want to kick this thing before The Rivah this weekend.

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