Sunday, April 1, 2012

Training Week 3/26-4/1: What The Hell Was That?

M- 3.7 miles in 45:14 with Tim on the Green Hills singletrack. Pretty tired. Planned on doing a 6 x 1 mile workout later in the day, but procrastinated. I probably needed the rest anyways. I may have overdone it last week. 6 strides after.

Tu- 8.3 miles in 1:04:47 at Purity Springs with Double J. We saw a dead moose, and I didn't feel much better than he looked. Lunge routine after.

W- 4.4 miles in 56:48 on the Green Hills singletrack with Tim. Felt ok.

Th- 0 surveying conference in Claremont all day. Left Conway at 5AM and didn't get home until 10:30PM. I was planning on doing a token 2 miles before I left to keep my 28 day streak alive, but I didn't want to get out of bed.

F- 11.1 miles in 1:31:42 with Double J around and over Foss Mountain. We made an awesome loop using Class VI roads and the trail over the mountain. We had about 4 miles of pavement on Rte. 153 and Snowville Rd., but even that was nice. Not an ideal pre-race run, but I need to get back into a routine. 1600 ft of elevation gain on this bad boy.

Sa- Gilmanton 5k, 16:15 (14 sec course PR), 2nd place, 8 seconds behind Brandon Newbould. Hard race on a hard course. I managed to stay with him until just before the mile (4:51). At the 3k mark he probably had 5 seconds on me as we hit the hairpin and started climbing for the next kilometer. I closed the gap at the top of the hill, but Brandon is a strong runner and took off from me on the downhill in the last k. I made a couple of valiant efforts to reel him back in, but it didn't happen. Still felt a little rusty trying to race a 5k, but it was a solid effort and a coursre PR there is a sign of good things.

2.0 wu + drills & strides Brian Fox, 4.0 cd w/ Brandon

Su- 7.2 miles in 1:29:09 w/ Paul up Cranmore and Black Cap. 24:30 to the summit of Cranmore, 45:35 to Black Cap. We were scouting out some ski trails for this year's Cranmore Hillclimb. I was planning on adding on some peaks in the Green Hills, but I was pretty sore.

Totals: 43.8 miles, 6.88 hours. Not what I was hoping for, but I probably overdid it last week and paid the price. Once again proof that consistency is way more important than just sheer mileage. I should have been able to get in another high mileage week, but I didn't plan my days very well and my running suffered. I am happy with the race though and am looking forward to getting back at it this week.


  1. Those miles were smokin'...what kind of recovery were you guys taking?

  2. The miles were a little quick, but we can get down around 5:00 for those when peaking for a 10k. We took 3:00/400m recovery. It's a lot easier with oxygen in the air though :-).