Sunday, February 13, 2011


This will be a short post, but the point of it is that this blog is going to change a little. I have come to the realization that my online habits are becoming a huge time suck. I have always spent a lot of time on the internet, but my lack of motivation to do any thing worth wile lately has been in part related to the amount of time I spend reading and posting about the things I want to do instead of doing them. I'm closing my Facebook account and hoping to post to this blog a little less, but have more interesting posts. I don't know if my 30 mile a week exploits are very interesting to anyone, and they certainly take up way too much time. I'm hoping to still post about cool runs, workouts and races, but also include my thoughts about various subjects about running and the outdoors as they come to me.


  1. Don't make me call Chris Farley for some motivational talk...:)

  2. yeah, I am NOT a big fan of this move. I spend 1000x more time than you online and Mike Quintal knows more about other people's blogs than anyone I've ever met and he's tearing up shit right now... I am on either Facebook or a blog or two 20 out of 24 hours a day. I still manage to get some stuff done on the roads, trails, and snow. There is room for your insatiable online habits and running. Trust me. Just wait until I get up there...your training is going to be ridiculous. Also, if you blog LESS, you won't blog at all. If anything, you blog too little as it is. Ok, rant over.

  3. As someone who struggles with motivation at times I like to read how you are getting it done. A boring blog is still better than no blog at all, even if it gets your ass out the door so you can write something down! Get a crackberry or Iphone and you can do it during downtime at work.

  4. I quit the Facebook recently as well. Sort of a New Year's Resolution, but more just a realization of what you're talking about too.

    I recently began a pen pal relationship with an 11 year old Amish boy named Josiah after placing an ad in the Amish Country News. Not only does putting a pen to paper remind me that we don't need the internet for everything we do, I also connected with people who don't rely on all of our technology to live meaningful and productive lives. Plus Josiah is only 11 and works harder than I do, tending to his animals and helping his dad with the rest of their farm work. Helps me get my butt in gear knowing that 11 year old Amish boys work harder than I do.

    He has 43 cousins that would also like an English pen pal so let me know if you're interested (they call all of us English). Just an idea...

  5. Jim, thanks for making me look like a creep....

  6. JJ: "Just wait until I get up there..." with friends like that....

    Just kiddin.

    Keep the posts about cool runs coming. I'm writing them down.
    "When I get up there" (sometime between fall '11 and summer '12) I'll have a good list of hidden/local treasures to explore and of course I can swing by on my way from Stark Rd. and drag you out the door. :)

    Is it true the Moat has a 4 yr wait for a mug??

  7. your first response to this, 11 minutes after it was posted was what made you look like creepy....