Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Head in the Clouds

Me doing my best sketchball impression on Mt. Cabot

M- 0 adjusting to working outside again

Tu- 0

W- 0

Th- AM: 6.0 Wal-Mart / Corridor 19 50:49, felt ok, ran easy w/ Paul

PM: 4.0 Settlers Green 39:09 ran easy w/ Roger, 5x80m easy strides after

F- 6.0 Wal-Mart / Corridor 19 49:11, felt better than yesterday, ran easy w/ Paul

Sa- Mt. Cabot, the Bulge and the Horn, 12.0 miles 2650 ft gain, 2:33:14. Nice run, got out before the heavy rain. No views but nice trails.

Su- Bloody Arm Loop +/-7 1:02:14 Muddy, ran easy

Total: 35.0 miles. Another not-so-spectacular week, but at this time of the year my goal is just to get some runs in and not get fat.

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