Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wake Me Up When November Ends

M- 8.75 Stark Rd. Loop, 1:00:16 (6:53 pace), felt good, ran easy, 28 degrees out in the AM

Tu- 8.0 easy on Hurricane Mt. Rd., 1:11:14, 1.8 mile climb, then down 2.2 miles down to Chatham, then turn around and go back over the pass. 1,000 ft of gain up each side. I usually run this workout harder the closer I get to Mt. Washington. Ran easy this week and averaged 9:07 pace on the ups.

W- 0 left knee sore, may have whacked it with a brush ax handle last week and aggravated it with the downhill last night.

Th- 3.6 on the roads w/ Roger 35:44. Ran easy, still feel knee but it doesn't hurt.

F- 0 didn't get out of bed before work and spent the afternoon driving to Norwood,MA.

Sa- +/-4.0 on the roads of Norwood 29:59, felt good, but ate too much before the run.

Su- New England Cross Country Championships, Franklin Park. 34:41, 65th/103. Doesn't get more pathetic than that. This was a race I should have never done, considering I ran a marathon 3 weeks ago. I was hoping to help the team and have some fun, but I managed to do neither. CMS had a strong contingent and placed 4th out of the New England teams. I came through the mile in 5:08 then settled into marathon pace. Now only if I could trade that 10k time with the last 10k at Bay State...

Totals: 33.0 miles Not a great week, but not too bad. Just trying to come back after the marathon. November is my least favorite month of the year. No daylight after work, trails covered in leaves, no snow to ski on. I could do without this wretched time of year. I'm not going to worry too much about hitting workouts and getting the mileage high right now. Just get in some nice easy climbs, get used to running before work, and wait for snow. This time of year is usually busy for me at work too, so I'll need to focus on that until the snow flies.

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