Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bucket List

I've had this list floating in my head for a while. I thought I'd put it down on paper the web.

Running Races:
Boston Marathon - A must do for every runner, especially if you're from New England.
New York City Marathon - I'm not much of a city person, but big city marathons are pretty cool (other than the logistics).
Pikes Peak Marathon - I have always said I would never run this, but after having to turn around at mile 10 of the 2008 Ascent and run back down I decided that racing down the Barr Trail might be fun.
Western States 100 - The most prestigious ultra in the country and it covers some awesome terrain.
Leadville 100 - I've been through Leadville once and wasn't too impressed, but the race course looks beautiful.
White River 50 Miler - awesome course, great scenery and usually pretty competitive.
Dipsea Trail Race - A classic trail race in California with a unique age/gender handicapped start.
La Ciaspolada - The biggest snowshoe race in the world, in Italy (6,000+ finishers!)
Sierra Zinal - one of the European mountain classics

AMC Hut Traverse record attempt
Ski the American Birkbeiner XC ski race in Wisconsin
Ski the Tuckerman Ravine headwall - will probably never happen unless I work on my downhill ski skills and grow some gonads
Ski from the Mt. Washington summit to Pinkham Notch Visitor Center
Hike the length of the Appalachian Trail in NH as a thru-hike
Ski from my house to Canadian border on snowmobile trails (~200 miles?)

I am sure I should have something related to road or mountain biking, but I can't think of anything yet. Feel free to add any suggestions or post your list on your blog!


  1. I think you should add 24hrs of Great Glen mountain bike race. I hear a certain local team may be looking to fill a couple spots on one of their teams. Just saying...

  2. Intriguing, but I would probably slow you guys down. I am HORRIBLE on technical singletrack. I may be around to watch though.

    1. We don't race to be fast (and we're not).

  3. I'd recommend Wasatch over Leadville (paced a friend there in '10) hands down. Better course, better scenery, and a much more relaxed atmosphere. All those sweet looking mountains around Leadville? You spend most of your time looking up at them. Wasatch keeps you up on the ridgelines as much as practical.

  4. Hmmnn...

    Hut Traverse Record Attempt- Love It.

    Western States- Ditto -maybe next year as my name goes in the hat twice...


    Rocky Raccoon 100- One of the fastest 10 Courses

    Bandera 100k- Super competitive- 100K trail USATF Championships

    Grindstone- An east coast 100mi with 23K' of climbing.

  5. You forgot Eastern States...

  6. That last one sounds the best-- ski to the Canadian border.

  7. I'm planning a Hut Traverse over Memorial Day - let me know if you're interested . . .

  8. i'll join you on the ski to the border

  9. I'll join you for the AT hike.

    You've got to add crossing (or double-crossing) of the Grand Canyon. I'll definitely go back and do that again.

  10. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
    Steve, keep me in the loop on GGT24h.
    Adam, thanks for the info on Wasatch. I actually have a friend that lives in SLC, so that would be convenient. Troy, one race at a time for me :-P.
    Jim, No way in hell.
    Mike and Jeff, I will let you know about the ski trip, assuming we ever have winter again.
    Josh, that's probably too long for me before Mt. Washington, but let me know if you need help with logistics.
    DD, I'll let you know about the AT. Grand Canyon is a great idea too.

  11. Kevin: if you and J2 are ever interested, or in the area again, I'd love to be your tour guide on the Birkie trails. Your classics lists reminds me of a couple of projects I need to get done on the Lake Superior Hiking Trail.
    Greg Hexum

  12. Kevin: Would love to talk about getting a hand for logistics for the Hut Traverse. Basically looking for a lift from Lafayette, through Crawford (to drop some stuff at Highland), to the trailhead (not sure if I would follow the "MacPhail" route, or the more standard route now). The date is 100% contingent upon weather - basically just going to go for it on the best weather day of the weekend. Let me know how you can/want to help!

  13. So we're buying stock in American Airlines or moving west?

    MRS. Tilton's bucket list:
    Alaska (Fairbanks area)
    Sleep No More (again)
    La Reina Sofia
    present at NCTE (again)
    bike tour in Scotland (though after the roads in Ireland, this might not be a good idea)
    Dave Matthews Band (where I can see them, not in the way, way back)
    Christmas in New Zealand
    for my husband to buy me a piece of jewelry other than my wedding rings (anything!) ;-)