Monday, March 19, 2012

Training Week 3/12-3/18: There Goes the Neighborhood

M- AM: 5.8 miles in 1:04:42 on the Rec Trail Loop with Tim and Brian. Felt good. 6 strides after.
PM: 6.0 miles on Sawyer River Rd. in 1:05:13 with Roger and DoubleJ. Still pretty good snow cover.

Tu- 5.7 miles on the Rec Trail Loop in 1:06:19 w/ Tim, 6 strides after. Same weird stomach bug thing I had a few weeks ago after the run. Felt like complete garbage.

W- +/-9.0 miles in 1:12:17 on the snowmobile trails and roads with Jim. Trails are starting to get bare in spots.

Th- 6.0 miles on Corridor 19 in 1:09:23 with Tim and Sarah. 6 strides after.

F- AM: 4.6 miles in 42:17 with Paul on Corridor 19. Good to get out with Paul for a lunch run.
PM: 5.6 miles in 53:33 exploring some trails in Madison with Jim. Found some cool singletrack that I never knew existed on Chamberlain Ledge (which I had never heard of). So many hidden treasures in plain sight. Still a good amount of snow in the woods.

Sa- AM: Winter Wild Championships - Bretton Woods. 3rd overall, 1st runner, 1st to the top of the peak. 27:57. That was a pretty fun race. The course was 3.2 miles up and down the Bretton Woods ski area, with a 1.9 mile climb followed by a 1.3 mile descent. I made it to the top of climb with a sizable lead, as the up was pretty steep and I was wondering if the XC skiers would even make it up without taking their skis off. On the way down I just tried to run as fast as I could in the soft snow and hope the skiers didn't catch me, as there wasn't much I could do about it. 0.4 miles from the bottom Brendan Sullivan went screaming by me like he was on alpine skis. He beat me by 1:33 in the last 0.4 miles. He averaged 41 MPH on xc skis on that stretch! It was a really fun race and a great raffle afterwards. It was fun travelling up with Paul, Frank Holmes and Leslie Beckwith, who won the women's race with a last minute pass at the line! Thanks a lot to Danny Ferreira and Rich Lavers of acidotic Racing for putting on a great event.
1.0 wu, no cd

Roger Marcoux's video of the race:

My awesome mustache in action. Photo by Gianina Lindsey

PM: 4.1 miles in 37:25 with Jim over Chamberlain Ledge. Felt surprisingly good after the race, so got in some easy miles with Jim from his house.

Su- 8.6 miles up and down Mt. Chocorua with Jim in 1:58:33. 1:01:05 to the summit. What an awesome day. The Champney Falls Trail was 100% covered in snow, and the MicroSpikes worked great. Ran most of the way in shorts and a long sleeve. Views were great at the top (as usual) and there was only a slight breeze. What a day.

Totals: 59.6 miles, 10.5 hours. Pretty good week after coming back from Quebec. No workouts in there, but good to get some consistent running in, a bunch of strides and a fun race on Saturday. I plan on getting back into full-on workout mode this week, and also getting a ton of miles in as I am currently under-employed for the next few weeks.


  1. Nice work, you look like a bad ass with that mustache.

  2. Haha, thanks Judson. It only lasted a day as Jess would have filed for divorce if I kept it any longer. Good luck at Eastern States.