Sunday, April 17, 2011

Training Week 4/11-4/17

I have nothing else to post, so I thought I'd throw this up.

M- 8.0 miles in 1:20:04. Up and down Black Cap, then added on 2 miles on the flats to get 5 strides in. 1700 ft gain

Tu- 4.0 miles in 33:57 before work. Planned on getting in the 6 x 1 mile after work but officiated a track meet until 8PM.

W- 5 x 1 mile (+/-HMP), 3:00 rec. 5:32 5:28 5:32 5:37 5:45 (5:35 avg.) Not a very good workout. Cold and rainy and in the dark. Didn't start warm-up until 7:30 PM. Just tried to run relaxed and the times showed it. Didn't bother with a 6th one. 1.25 wu, 0.25 cd.

Th- AM: 6.4 miles with Paul in 1:01:49 on Redstone Quarry singletrack FINALLY.
PM: 4.75 miles in 54:51 with Roger on Bear Notch Rd., 650 ft. gain

F- 5.5 miles 56:54 at Bradbury State Park in Pownal, ME. I had a surveying conference in Freeport and met up with Ian Parlin and Jeff Walker. Pretty hilly.

Sa- Had all day to run, but didn't get out. Got a 2 mile walk in the woods on the Wilderness Trail with Jess.

Su- 22.4 miles in 3:50:55 in the Green Hills. 3000 ft of elevation gain. Nice run, but tired from the get-go. Just tried to stay smooth on the way back. Last 8+ miles were mostly flat (thank god).

Totals: 58.8 miles, 9.55 hours, 5350 ft gain.

Good to get some volume in, especially where I was pretty busy with a lot of work and after-hours stuff this week too and after weeks of 53 and 61 miles. I should have got some type of workout in yesterday, but after my crappy workout Wednesday, I wasn't too motivated. I'm a little concerned with the mile repeats. The last 3 weeks of them have been less than stellar. I have been trying to go by effort, which has been fine, but they haven't been that fast or very consistent. I've been trying to ignore looking at splits while I do them.

This week's schedule has me switching the mile repeats to 10k pace, which I had penciled in as 4:55-5:00. I think that is a bit optimistic right now. I think there is some fitness there, but am wondering if I should start with 5:10s this week. I think with some good, consistent work in the next few months I can do some good things, but I'm definitely cutting it close.

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