Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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This was week 1 of 16 of my training schedule for XC season. I figured I should start blogging again as it's a good way of holding me accountable. I know it will turn all of your worlds' upside down if I start missing a bunch of days or stop blogging about it :-P.

M- 0 12 hour day at work, early and late

Tu- 3.1 mile “tempo” at Whitaker Woods, 17:30, went out a little hard in the first mile. Should have gone 4 miles, but I didn’t have it in me. No wu (back late from work), 2.0 cd

W- 3 easy on Kennett Track between lightning storms. Did ballistic exercises after

Th- 7.2 total, 21:57 for 3.65 miles (6:00 pace), fartlek on field and dirt road loop at high school, XC terrain, felt pretty good, 2.5 wu, 1.0 cd barefoot

F- 8.0 Lower Moat Brook singletrack and dirt road, felt like poop for second half, a bit warm and humid

Sa- 0 hiked up Mt. Washington w/ Jess and Laura Pelletier

Running on the Shoal Pond Trail, Pemi Wilderness

Su- 18.6 Pemi Wilderness “Rail Trail” 3:50:31, great run with Jim Johnson, Dan Verrington and Al Bernier, a little wet in spots, but a fun run. Took a pretty good digger about half way in.

Totals: 41.8 miles, 7.0 hours. Not a pretty week, but I have to start somewhere. I was happy with the fartlek. Kicking myself for not getting Saturday’s long tempo in, but I’ll be more consistent this week. I’m definitely having motivational issues, but the urge to train slowly come back with each workout.

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