Sunday, October 11, 2009

Almost There

On Saturday I did my next to last marathon pace workout. Originally I was supposed to do 2x4 miles @ MP with a mile in between in around 6:05. I decided to do 5 miles @ MP on the track, mile @ 6:05, then the Gary Millen 5k at Kennett instead. I ended up running 28:11 for the 8k (5:40 pace), 6:00 for the mile, 5 min break waiting for the start, then the 5k in 17:01 (5:29 pace). I was shooting for 5:45 pace for all the MP stuff, and was very suprised how easy the whole workout felt. The taper must be working. One more workout Wednesday (5k @MP), then off to the marathon.

1 comment:

  1. Stud! 2:28:59 for you at Baystate, whilst having turned around with 100 meters to go and firing the guns up in the air in celebration... I can't wait. After you finish, get something to eat/drink, and celebrate a little with family and friends, please remember that I will still be out there somewhere between miles 20 and 24, battling mediocrity and 8 minute miles... 6 days.